Music Performance

State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS)

What is context?

The first of three videos I produced to support research launched by ALNAP. Most of the interviews, and much of the B-Roll, was shot in Beirut, Lebanon.















Mainly just an afternoon of playing about with my camera. I needed an excuse to test out some ideas and techniques. This is the result.









Nuclear Guinea Pigs: Operation Grapple





As a young man, my grandfather was involved in British nuclear weapons tests on Christmas Island in 1958. Many of the serviceman who took part in those tests believe th

ey were exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation, and that this has affected their health. The Ministry of Defence has consistently denied these accusations. This is a short video about my Grandfather’s story.

I shot and edited this all in a few days over one new year’s holiday. I’d like to go back and re-shoot all the interview footage with some better lighting, improved b-roll, and crisper audio. Ideally, I’d like to make a longer documentary on this theme, further exploring the story. One day.

Empowerment of School Dropouts in East Jerusalem







For just under three months in the summer of 2015 I lived and worked in Jerusalem. I volunteered with several local NGOs, and as part of a small team, created the following advocacy film, focusing on the work of The Youth Development Department.

I’d like to re-cut this and make it tighter. It definitely runs too long. Unfortunately, the footage (I imagine) is on a hard drive in Jerusalem, and I’m in London.

Protest in the West Bank, Bil’in, Occupied Palestinian Territories




Being tear-gassed at an otherwise peaceful protest was a strange, and painful, experience. I wanted to capture the way in which already significantly oppressed people have no right to protest their living conditions. But I also wanted to document the slightly voyeuristic way that people from Europe flock to these kinds of relatively safe but tense kinds of confrontations. At some points it felt like there were more ‘internationals’ than Palestinians, and more cameras than protestors (naturally, this applies to me too). There’s definitely an argument to be made that the more people that experience it, then the more the message spreads. But there’s also something uncomfortable about watching someone take a selfie in a gas mask.

Terror attack in Jerusalem


In relief to the above video, I feel that this is also important to see. Discussions about the conflict are normally framed with Israel on one side, and the Palestinians on the other. But this ignores the tensions within each of those societies. I went to the 2015 Jerusalem gay pride march, and whilst we were there, an Israeli man with a knife attacked some of the revellers, killing a 16 year old girl.

Story in 5

One of a series of short stories, filmed at ALNAP’s 31st Annual Meeting in Stockholm, ‘Changing Humanitarian Action?’. Each video documents a TED-style talk about change within (and beyond) humanitarian action.

Due to having little time to set up before needing to film we had issues with the multi-camera set up and issues with the audio (hint, never assume that hired live event audio engineers know what makes for good video audio). Overall it’s passable, though.

Evaluation of Humanitarian Action, Tip Clip



This is part of a series of interviews that I shot and I’ve now started formatting into contemporary social media formats (hence the square aspect – this would normally be directly uploaded to Twitter or Facebook to fit the timeline better). It also includes subtitles, so that if the video auto-plays, then the viewer can be drawn in without having to un-mute. I created the motion graphics for this clip too.

Monitoring and Evaluating Humanitarian Action: Quick Wins

Wildlife in Battersea Park

Spent an afternoon honing my DSLR filming exposure skills and bumped into these characters. I had just bought a loupe too, which makes filming so much more enjoyable and simple. Though, I need to practise my manual focus, or set a higher f-stop in some of the closer shots.

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

The Bethlehem I had sung about as a kid in Christmas carols has long passed, replaced by cramped military checkpoints, high concrete barriers, observation posts. This short video documents an afternoon in Bethlehem, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, set to poetry.