Below you’ll find a selection of videos I’ve worked on. These were largely produced on very low (read: non-existent) budgets. More often than not, it was me, my trusty Canon 60D with its characteristic dead pixel, and a Zoom H1.  

Nuclear Guinea Pigs: Operation Grapple

As a young man, my grandfather was involved in British nuclear weapons tests on Christmas Island in 1958. Many of the serviceman who took part in those tests believe they were exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation, and that this has affected their health. The Ministry of Defence has consistently denied these accusations. This is a short video about my Grandfather’s story.

Empowerment of School Dropouts in East Jerusalem

For just under three months in the summer of 2015 I lived and worked in Jerusalem. I volunteered with several local NGOs, and as part of a small team, created the following advocacy film, focusing on the work of The Youth Development Department.

Story in 5

One of a series of short stories, filmed at ALNAP’s 31st Annual Meeting in Stockholm, ‘Changing Humanitarian Action?’. Each video documents a TED-style talk about change within (and beyond) humanitarian action.

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

The Bethlehem I had sung about as a kid in Christmas carols has long passed, replaced by cramped military checkpoints, high concrete barriers, observation posts. This short video documents an afternoon in Bethlehem, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, set to poetry.