> Frontline Club Events Blog

In the Picture with Paula Bronstein: Afghanistan – Between Hope and Fear
A summary of the launch of Bronstein’s latest book at the Frontline Club
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Kleptoscope: London’s Dirty Money
A summary of the inaugural Kleptoscope – a series of events looking at dirty money in London.
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The Blood Flow of the Global Economy
A summary of the screening of Denis Delestrac’s ‘Freightened’
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Breaking Point: The EU Referendum and its Aftermath
A summary of a Brexit panel discussion.
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What Does Trump’s Presidency Mean for the Rest of the World?
A summary of a seven person panel debating the impact of Donald Trump on global affairs
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The Right to Health
Charting the gulf between quality of and access to healthcare around the world.
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> University of London Official Student Blog

What is Peace?
A reflection on the notion of peace, and how this applies to the real world.
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Study Tips and Electoral Politics
An examination of different styles of electoral systems, and their likely outcomes. Also contains tips for independent studying.
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> The Mancunion: Manchester’s Student Paper

Church for Atheists
The first meeting of Manchester’s Atheist Church, The Sunday Assembly.
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Cannabis: The Other Side
A profile of a student living with cannabis dependency.
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