Hello, I’m Tim, or Timothy if I’m in trouble. I’m a twenty-something nerd working in communications in the humanitarian sector.

Here are some things that I’m passionate about:

  • Stories that make me stop and re-read sentences over and over again
  • Having a very big stack of books to read about things I don’t understand
  • Writing that makes you go ‘damn, I wish I’d written that’
  • Really good coffee
  • Rock climbing
  • Puns

And here are a selection of skills I’ve acquired:

Audio production
I hold a BA in Audio Production (1:1) and am experienced in both recording and editing audio for a range of purposes.

Video production
I’m a keen amateur documentary filmmaker and have produced several short films. I’m comfortable in a range of roles, from overseeing a production, to filming and editing.

I’m experienced in managing the research publication process, including working with external editors and designers, laying out publications in InDesign, coming up with and applying design concepts

If you do/don’t like my work, I’d love to hear from you (mainly those in the first category, but criticism is always welcome). Send me a carrier pigeon, or drop me a message with this vintage contact form:

Or feel freet say hello/anonymously hurl abuse at me on Twitter:

(My DMs are always open for great puns, FYI.)